Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Just passing on through

Well, my doctor wouldn't let me keep my kidney stone...something about having a lab check it out. I really wanted to have it set in a ring. Haha...that was such a hell to go through and the ambulance ride sure was painful. But I did get yet another bottle of Vicodin out of the ordeal.

Lake Geneva went off without a hitch, fight, or melt-down within the family, meaning two whole days out of August were nice. With all of the shit that has come upon us in the last 31 days, I've been more than a bit depressed. I have all these ideas for projects - felted objects, ceramics, etc., but not even enough of an urge to jot them down.

My Biology Lab class starts tomorrow. Whoo! No more general electives. I have no idea why I've waited so long to take this measly little one credit class, esp. when all the freshly graduated high schoolers will be infiltrating the school. Plus the teacher can barely speak english. This ought to be fun.

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