Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Knitting at a Funeral

So, my papa passed away. It's for the best since he was in so much pain. The wake/funeral is tomorrow and Friday. It's going to be a little strange because my family celebrates a person's life during these things and we have no idea how his side of the family are. Not like we've gotten looks and comments thrown our way before.

Seeing that we're going to be there for over 12 hours, I know for a fact that I'm bringing my second 'sock of depression' with to work on. The first was knit while he was in the hospital and now the second will most likely be almost finished by the weekend. I probably won't be wearing these anyways. The one has a few accidental 'eyelets', some wonky picked up stitches, and a toe that I may have sewn a bit sideways. But they are nice to look at.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fucking cancer

I've spent the last week watching my grandpa fall apart from his last chemo treatment. So much that he won't be able to continue with the treatments and now has pnuemonia and that is what's gonna kill him. I've been using the 'waiting room time' to teach myself sock knitting on DPNs. The first one turned out great, although whenever I see them I'll remember this...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

So where the hell have I been?!

I love that I never followed up with the fact that almost all of the yarn in the previous post is gone. Along with about 50 more skeins from my stash. I've been so busy cranking out (mostly) hats. Here's my tally so far:

For charity:
*46 hats
*2 animal blankets
*11 baby bibs
*3 scarves
*21 blanket squares

For myself/others:
*A scarf
*A baby sweater and hat
*A head wrap

I have a trip coming up soon -- OMG what projects should I take???! And classes are starting the beginning of September. Plus I have a new Etsy store that needs stuff in it...argh! Pictures will come soon, along with more frequent posting. How many times have I told myself that and NOT done it? I promise if I don't you can beat me up.